Medical Sciences International, Ltd. (MEDSi) was established in 1979 as a joint venture company between Little Brown and Company, Boston and Igaku-Shoin Ltd, Tokyo for the purpose of promoting sales of Little Brown medical books and journals in the Japanese market.

MEDSi developed the translated publications aggressively in cooperation with several foreign publishing companies in U.S. and Europe, and also undertook original publications.

In 1994, MEDSi started a monthly journal entitled "LiSA" (Life Support and Anesthesia) in the field of anesthesiology. After Little Brown's withdrew from medical publications, the joint venture contract terminated in 1998, and Igaku-Shoin took over 100% of the stock.

Nowadays MEDSi has over 300 living titles, publishing around 40 titles every year.

MEDSi has a strong line-up especially in anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, internal medicine, anatomy, molecular biology, psychiatry, and about 80% of the living titles are translations from the English language medical books.

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